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Helpful Tips and Advice

Sitemaps - What they are and how they work

David Vogel - Monday, November 03, 2014

Sitemaps are vital to getting exposure for your website in the search engines. Every major search engine uses sitemaps to discover the content on your website.

Ever Want To Separate First and Last Names In Your Spreadsheet?

David Vogel - Friday, March 28, 2014

What do you do when you want to import a list of names into your contacts for personalized email marketing? We've run into this problem all the time. Customers add their full names to a web form, or our office personnel add them to a spreadsheet. All the while not understanding that having both the first and last names is ideal for email marketing.

Why? Well, what would you prefer when receiving an email?

  • Hello Valued Customer, …
  • Hello John Doe, …
  • Hello Joe, …
It's far easier to develop a relationship with your customer by personalizing your email efforts. Which brings me to an article that I stumbled upon which will help those of you with a bit of Geek in your blood.

If this sounds too confusing or not worth your time, we can help. Just fill out our Support Request Form and we'll get back to you shortly.